An MIT Neuroscientist Shares 4 Things She Never Does to Avoid ‘Brain Fog and Forgetting’

The alarm goes off. You get dressed, have your coffee and go to work. But at lunchtime, you start to feel disorganized. You re-read emails because you miss him focus and mental clarity.

There is nothing worse than brain fog. Besides the stress and lack of sleep, it can be caused by the immune system creating an inflammatory response in the brain. This can lead to symptoms like poor concentration and memoryor difficulty making decisions.

Like a neuroscientist, I study the causes of brain fog and forgetfulness. To avoid them, here are four things I never do:

1. I never let my body tense up for too long.

2. I never use screens an hour before bedtime.

3. I never fill up on glucose.

If your gut isn’t healthy, your brain can also fail. I strengthen my gut-brain axis maintaining a diet rich in hydrating foods, healthy fats and digestible proteins.

More importantly, I try to avoid sugar. Your brain uses glucose (sugar) for fuel, but refined carbohydrates like high fructose corn syrup found in sodas are not good sources of fuel. Your brain gets a puff of too much glucose, then too little.

This can lead to irritability, fatigue, mental confusion and impaired judgement.

I also eat magnesium-rich foods — whole grains, leafy greens, dried beans, and legumes — to help regulate my mood and sleep cycle. And I make sure I have my last caffeinated drink of the day before 10:00 a.m.

4. I never go a day without meditating.

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