“And I Miss You, But I Miss Spider-Man” – 36 Funniest Taylor Swift Sayings

It’s Taylor Swift’s hilarious lyrics that everyone gets wrong.

I don’t know about you (but I’m 22…just kidding), but when Taylor Swift releases a new album, I just listen on repeat and learn the songs over time. I don’t tend to use his gorgeous lyrical videos, and judging by the tweets below, plenty more are in the same boat. Luckily for us, that led to these 36 funniest I misheard the words of Taylor Swift which we all enjoy now.

Some of these sayings that are fake are relatable and some are just cringe-worthy in the best way. One thing’s for sure, when it comes to Tay’s song lines, we don’t tend to know them too well. Instead, we seemingly shrug our shoulders about a line here or there and say, “Call it what you want.”

Have fun laughing at these Taylor Swift lyrics, everyone is wrong. Don’t forget, that’s why we can’t have nice things, guys.

36 Funniest Misheard Taylor Swift Lyrics

A Twitter thread started with a good thread from Fearless (Taylor version):

“It takes everything in me just to get up every day” is the real lyric.

Honestly, we can hear it too.

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“My pennies made your crown” is the good word of the Midnights song “Karma”.

In “Dancing With Our Hands Tied”, Taylor sings “II loved you despite (deep fears that the world is dividing us.)”

This one is “I have a long list of ex-lovers”, from “Blank Space”.

Close! “Bejeweled” features the line “and I miss you, but I miss the bubbly”.

We will never hear that line the same way again.

“He looks so pretty as the devil” is just as common as the “Starbucks in love” when it comes to the lyrics, everyone gets it wrong. Instead, “Cruel Summer” features the line: “He looks up smiling like the devil.”

It would be interesting Easter hidden egg in the lyrics of “I Bet You Think About Me (Taylor’s Version)”.

We need to send everyone the lyrics of “Bejeweled”, as soon as possible.

This one is from “Style” by 1989.

Which are intensified rapidly.

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Instead, it’s “I’m pretending to smile so he won’t see.”

The lyrics actually say, “In that passenger seat, you’re watching me.”

In the question…?” on Taylor’s new album, the line is actually, “Does it make everything feel like second best after that meteor strike?”

I mean…same.

In fact, lately she’s been dressing up for revenge, but we agree, Taylor, you’re doing it!

What would we do without these reminders from mom?

This is another often misheard lyric! In “Starlight (Taylor’s Version,)” on Red (Taylor’s version)the line is actually “I met Bobby on the boardwalk in the summer of 1945”.

It sure would have been a crazy easter egg. However, “…Ready for this?” began with the first line, “I knew he was a killer the first time I saw him.”

This second example has the actual opening line of: “Draw the cat’s eye, sharp enough to kill a man.”

In “Out of the Woods”, Taylor sings, “Your necklace hanging from my neck.”

“Sweet Nothing” out of Midnights has the lyrics: “Industry disruptors and soul deconstructors and soft-talking peddlers indulge themselves.”

We are in this version, TBH.

Once again, rock climbing!!

I mean… if we were busy wearing sombreros, we might not see the news either. Logic.

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The line is really “You look like my next mistake”, but it’s a great alternative.

A death of mysterious circumstances! The lyrics to “The Last Great American Dynasty” actually say, “She stole her dog and dyed it lime green.”

“Outside they’re pushing and shoving, you’re in the kitchen humming,” are the correct lyrics to “Sweet Nothing” on Midnights.

While singing about being on the swing in “seven” off of folkloreTaylor sings, “I peaked at seven feet in the swing over the creek.”

Now I really want to “prolly” in an upcoming TS song.

It would be savage, To say the least. The line is actually, “Standing in a beautiful dress, staring at the sunset.”

Ooooh, the drama! But really, it’s “I had a hard time adjusting” from folkloreit’s “it’s me who tries”.

I mean, it’s plausible. But it’s really going, “They bring up my story, but you’re not even listening.”

This one is courtesy of “Speak Now”.

“The lights are out, he takes his coat off,” are the lyrics to “Style.”

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