ARway Corp. launches major augmented reality navigation upgrades

TORONTO, ON/ACCESSWIRE/January 31, 2023/ ARway Company (“ARway” or the “Company”) (CSE:ARWY)(OTC PINK:ARWYF)(FSE:E65) Disrupts Augmented Reality (AR) Wayfinding Market with Codeless, Beaconless Space Computing Platform activated by tracking markers. ARway brings together many new technologies on a single platform, including; Artificial Intelligence (AI), Augmented Reality (AR), Machine Learning (ML), LIDAR digital twins, 3D models and more. ARway is pleased to announce that it has launched major upgrades to its spatial computing guidance platform for the real-world metaverse. These upgrades include spatial video content, full occlusion, and ARway Creator portal user experience improvements.

Spatial video content
Videos can be added as spatial augmented reality content during wayfinding experiences that visitors can interact with. This additional no-code template allows brands, properties and customers to publish interactive media to their airspace via click-and-drag-and-drop. Videos posted through ARway are persistent and provide a multiplayer experience for all visitors to a location.

Increased :

  • Monetization Capabilities: Digital billboards, ads, promotions and more are enabled for ARway customers, driving revenue and brand awareness
  • Engagement: Increased engagement levels for visitors through interactive media
  • Adherence: Increasing uptime and experience in space spaces drives user adoption and retention

Video content is an additional feature to the existing no-code model inventory: 3D models, images, hotspots, audio, and text. The video content type can be activated with a subscription to the AR content package offer at $1,200/month or as a pay-per-view content item at $250/month. Highly requested by early adopters and pilots, the video template is an important addition to ARway advertising inventory.

Watch a video featuring spatial video content – Click here

Complete occlusion
AR experiences and content must be in harmony with real-world objects with an unobstructed field of view to create truly immersive experiences. Thanks to the latest breakthroughs in ARway’s computer vision capabilities, objects in the physical world will not be blocked or occluded by digital AR content. This latest version of occlusion eliminates outliers and variations in the physical environment to provide an enhanced visitor experience. ARway-powered mobile devices can track planes, surfaces, edges, and light to guide visitors with improved accuracy and without distortions.

Watch a video showing full occlusion: Click here

Creator Portal Studio User Experience Improvements
Users of the ARway web authoring portal enjoy an improved user experience when creating maps and creating content. Visual enhancement is in line with modern design and content tools such as Figma, Adobe and Canva, with the power of spatial computing integrated. Highly requested by early adopters and pilots, these enhancements improve web studio workflow and grip for users, while increasing their productivity.

Watch a video introducing the Creator Portal – Click here

Software Development Kit
ARway Corp. recently announced a significant upgrade to its spatial computing software development kit (SDK) with the release of version 2.0. The launch of the SDK and its latest updates contributes to ARway’s expansion as a major player in the spatial computing and wayfinding market.

The release of SDK version 2.0 marks the completion of the last major component of the AR spatial orientation and computation platform. The complete ARway Platform offering includes the ARway App – for spatial mapping, The Creator Portal – for content management and analysis, and the ARwayKit SDK – for custom applications and integrations. The ARway SDK is offered as a SaaS platform or can be used for free in a limited manner with the ARway watermark.

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About ARway Corp
ARway is a no-code spatial computing platform for the real-world metaverse. It enables AR-enhanced indoor navigation and wayfinding solutions for large multi-purpose venues enabled by marker-based tracking using QR codes. Visitors can access a map of the site by scanning a QR code with their smartphone upon entering the site to navigate to any point of interest (POI) with step-by-step instructions, learn information about those POIs and interact with rich AR content and experiences along the way. way.

The ARway offering has an unlimited number of use cases for augmenting physical spaces in the metaverse, consisting of indoor navigation with AR activations to enhance visitor experience in large and complex spaces. With value propositions spanning multiple industries and use cases, ARway leverages Nextech’s 3D/AR technology solutions in important new markets for creators, brands and enterprises.

The ARway platform includes:

Web authoring platform
The web-based creator platform offers “advanced” creative capabilities over the mobile app, including the ability for creators to upload their own OBJ/GLB files and create their own 3D objects. Placing content in a large area using only a mobile app required the user to be physically at the specific location which was not scalable. The web studio allows the user to place and create content remotely and at scale.

Mobile app
With the ARway mobile app, anyone can spatially map their location in minutes using their smartphone and populate it with interactive 3D content, augmented reality wayfinding, audio, text, pictures, etc Nextech AR provides several preloaded 3D objects that creators can leverage to populate their metaverse.

Download the mobile app
Apple iO – Click here
Google Play Store – Click here

ARwayKit SDK
The SDK contains code libraries and API information that enable developers to build their own white label and private label mobile apps on iOs and Android by leveraging ARway’s technology and authoring tools to create orientation and spatial experiences in augmented reality. Creators will be able to develop white label and private label apps and access ARway APIs to create maps using the Web Creator portal. The SDK includes the latest and greatest ARway mobile app.

Nextech AR Solutions
On October 26, 2022, ARway Corp. was spun off from its parent company, Nextech AR Solutions (OTCQX: NEXCF) (CSE: NTAR) (FSE: EP2). Nextech AR retained a majority stake in ARway Corp. with 13 million shares, representing a 50% stake. Nextech AR Solutions is a Metaverse company and a leading provider of Augmented Reality (“AR”) experience technologies and 3D model services. Nextech’s AI-powered 3D modeling platform “ARItize3D” has contracts with; AMZN, KSS, CB2, genuine parts and many more. To learn more about Nextech AR, visit

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