Bold and beautiful recap: Sheila escapes as Steffy returns to set

At Il Giardino, near the powder room, Steffy is shocked to come face to face with Sheila.

In the restaurant, Finn sees Deacon behind the bar and approaches him to ask how he is. Deacon struggles to concentrate and asks if Finn really thinks Sheila is alive and somewhere. Finn says yes, but the question is where? He asks if Deacon is sure he hasn’t seen her. “You have no idea where she is?”

At Forrester, Liam gives Hope a hug after the bomb is dropped on them. Hope will need about a million more hugs to get Sheila out of her mind. Liam finds it crazy that she could be alive. Hope complains that she’s there and faked her death, and Liam pulls her into another hug. She sighs: “It helps. They explain how unthinkable that is as Liam massages Hope’s shoulders. He complains that they were never supposed to have to think about Sheila again. Hope points out that it was just a theory, but Liam reminds her of the toe evidence. “He wasn’t bitten.” He doesn’t think Finn would sound the alarm if he wasn’t sure.
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At Il Giardino, Deacon promises Finn that if Sheila is alive, he has no idea where she is. They fly over it pretending to mutilate a bear. Finn reviews his findings regarding the toe and states that he needs to know where it was hiding. “Where is Sheila? »

Near the restroom, Sheila makes a getaway as Steffy is shaken by flashbacks of the shooting and is incapacitated.
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At the bar, Deacon tells Finn that Sheila might be on the other side of the country…or the other side of the world. Finn continues to look for Steffy and decides to go see her. Once alone, Deacon is dying.

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Finn finds Steffy near the powder room and she tells him that she saw Sheila. She stammers about the toe and says they have to sue her… now! Finn follows his wife.

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At Forrester Creations, Hope asks Liam, “What if it’s true? What if Sheila is alive? They kiss again. They hate going back to living in fear. Liam thinks it’s better for them to know than to keep thinking she’s dead and be caught completely off guard. Hope hopes Finn and Steffy are wrong.

In Il Giardino, Deacon overhears Steffy telling Finn that they need to call the police. She explains to Deacon that she just saw Sheila near the bathroom. They cross it being the toe of the right foot. Deacon insists she would have recognized her. Steffy explains that she was in some kind of disguise and left from the back. Finn thinks it had to be her because that explains why she left. Deacon looks grim and Steffy shivers as she intones, “I just bumped into Sheila Carter.”
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Finn phones the authorities and reports that Baker will inquire. Deacon fends off the blows and complains that the police are looking for a dead woman. He doubts she’ll ever come back there, but Steffy maintains that she has a pretty good disguise. Finn wonders if she was there to see Deacon. He can’t believe she’s that stupid. Steffy thinks it can’t be a coincidence. Finn says there’s a way to know for sure. He asks Deacon to get the security footage. Deacon tells them he’ll meet him upstairs. Finn wants to come with him, but Deacon urges him to stay there and wait for Baker. On the way upstairs, Deacon hastens to say goodbye to Sheila. At the bar, Steffy tells Finn that they need to put Sheila behind bars in her place.

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In one play, Sheila curses herself for being stupid enough to wear sandals. She slowly takes off the disguise and looks at herself in the mirror. After much thought, Sheila suddenly smiled and laughed.
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Brushing her hair, Sheila flashes on her encounter with Steffy. Her cell phone rings and she receives a text from Deacon telling her to pick up. He fumes, “How could you let Steffy run into you?” Sheila maintains that she handled him well until she started wiping him like a toddler. Deacon taunts that the police are on the way. Sheila urges him to deny everything. He asks what she will do if she gets caught. Sheila swears they won’t catch him. “Don’t worry, deacon. I’m leaving for, ah,…” Deacon asks where she’s going, but she hangs up.

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At the restaurant, Finn is sorry for what he put Steffy through because of Sheila. She assures him that it’s not his fault. Finn wished he had listened to her when she showed up on their wedding day. “You know what she was capable of, and I should have trusted you.” Everything could have been avoided. Steffy reminds him that he escaped and found her. They look back on their reunion in Monte Carlo. She assures Finn that they will keep fighting and find Sheila and make sure she is arrested. Steffy tells her husband to stop blaming himself. “None of this is your fault.” Finn swears they’ll find her and make her pay for everything. They are kissing.

In her bedroom, Sheila puts lip liner in the mirror and has a sinister look on her face.
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Next on Love glory and beauty: Deacon races against time to do one more dirty deed for Sheila, Hope encourages her mother to leave her heart open to love, and Sheila goes on the run.

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