Video Shows Distant Worlds Orbiting Star 133 Light-Years Away

article Artist’s impression of the HR 8799 planetary system at an early stage in its evolution, showing the planet HR879cc, a disc of gas and dust, and inner planets. (Dunlap Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics/Mediafarm/Nasa) A new accelerated video from Northwestern University shows four exoplanets, or planets outside our solar system, orbiting their star for … Read more

Two environmental groups announce plans to sue Shell cracker plant in Beaver County

Two environmental groups say they intend to sue Shell’s new cracker plant in Beaver County. The Environmental Integrity Project and the Clean Air Council say the plant has repeatedly violated air pollution limits. “Shell exceeded permit limits in the first few months of operations, putting nearby communities at risk,” said Sarah Kula, attorney for the … Read more

Outdoor recreation like hiking, biking can impact wildlife

According to the researchers, outdoor recreation can change the behavior of animals and displace them from their crucial habitats. This endangers the safety of Washington wildlife, such as the mountain lion. National Park Service Photo In western Washington, it looks like a backcountry trail or mountain range can be seen in almost any direction. With … Read more

Undiagnosed Fabry disease in heart changes, kidney failure

A long clinical history of cardiac alterations, including heart valve disorders, with no apparent cause and accompanied by renal dysfunction may be indicative of an undiagnosed disease. Fabry diseasesuggests a case report. The report, “Transcatheter tricuspid valve replacement for Anderson Fabry disease with severe tricuspid regurgitationwas published in CASE. Fabry disease, also called Anderson Fabry … Read more

IU Professor Provides Insight into Star Evolution

As scientists’ understanding of the origins of the universe expands, IU Associate Professor Constantine Deliyannis is working to explain discrepancies with current models of star evolution in new research. Most astronomers today say that our universe emerged in a violent explosion commonly referred to as the Big Bang around 13.8 billion years ago. The entire … Read more

Groundhog Day: Willie and Sam disagree on the arrival of spring

Canada’s famous groundhogs were split as spring arrived on Thursday, but in what will likely be heralded as a grim prognosis, it was announced that a furry forecaster in Quebec had died before he could make his prediction for the day of the groundhog. Fred the Groundhog is dead, organizers in Val D’Espoir, Que., told … Read more

A 319 million year old brain has been discovered. It could be the oldest of its kind

Sign up for CNN’s Wonder Theory science newsletter. Explore the universe with news about fascinating discoveries, scientific advances and more. CNN — A scan of the skull of a 319 million year old fossil fish led to the discovery of the oldest example of a well-preserved vertebrate brain, shedding new light on the early evolution … Read more