Clickatell predicts that mobile messaging will be the next big digital commerce channel in 2023


Click on (, a leader in commerce chat and enterprise messaging, conducted research into customer service trends and preferences for travel and retail and identified that brands that personalize both their digital and in-person commerce can generate more meaningful and lasting customer relationships. In 2023, mobile messaging will become the ideal channel for creating these holistic commerce experiences for consumers as well as accelerating business demand and increasing revenue, according to Clickatell executives. This trend and the five other mobile messaging trends are likely to be the most relevant priorities in 2023 to help brands retain and retain consumers.

1. Chat Commerce is the next wave of digital commerce
The next wave of digital commerce will emerge strongly in 2023. Digital shopping, whether on the web or on a mobile device, is now widely adopted by consumers. But strong consumer demand for even more convenient shopping will make 2023 the tipping point for Chat Commerce, with more consumers engaging with their favorite brands in the messaging apps they use every day, such as SMS. , Apple Messages and WhatsApp. In 2023, the commerce experience within messaging apps will evolve to be more functional, with experiences that will rival those of other mobile apps,” said Pieter de Villiers, CEO and co-founder of Clickatell.

2. Convenience adds a critical layer of consumer satisfaction
“Brands add a layer of convenience by offering a real-time mobile option for consumers to receive order updates, new offers, and the ability to simply shop and transact through the messaging channels they use. daily, rather than shopping on a separate digital destination such as a website or mobile app. According to Clickatell’s Chat Commerce Trends Report: Retail Edition, 51% ( of consumers want to access promotional offers via mobile messaging and 46% ( of consumers want to receive personalized promotions for things like last-minute deals. Retailers need to meet consumer expectations and that goes back to messaging commerce,” said Jennifer Shambroom, CMO at Clickatell.

3. Providing online-only customer service is a smart move
“With rising costs and labor shortages, brands are looking for ways to simplify and consolidate, and leveraging mobile messaging with chatbots and the convenience of asynchronous communication with customers is a good decision. Millennials and Gen Z are more likely to consider messaging a preferred communication channel. Our Chat Commerce Trends Report: CX Edition ( revealed that 99% of customer service managers recognize the benefits of using chat with customers to enhance the customer experience and drive revenue and growth for their business. Additionally, with the growing expectations of customer services to drive sales revenue, mobile messaging provides a transparent and secure place for transactions that enables representatives to accompany customers through their buying journey, while encouraging opportunities for increased sales,” said De Villiers. .

4. Consumers want to use mobile messaging to make payments
“Mobile messaging commerce is becoming consumers’ preferred way to shop, accounting for 71% ( of retail traffic and generating 61% ( online purchase orders. In 2023, brands will need to double down on mobile, and mobile messaging channels are where to focus. Consumers want to use mobile messaging with a retail business if it’s as convenient as chatting with a friend,” said De Villiers.

5. Mobile messaging apps are the new super app
“Consumers live on their mobile phone, especially in mobile messaging apps. As consumer behavior continues to trend towards engagement with brands in messaging apps, the need for a business to invest in a custom mobile app will become less viable. Mobile messaging apps will become the Super App in 2023 and beyond, going beyond linear message threads to deliver the full range of shopping experiences, enabling consumers to receive special offers, make immediate purchases, coordinate item drop-off and pickup and contact customer service, providing satisfying and personalized experiences throughout the customer lifecycle,” Shambroom said.

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