How climate change affects people’s decision to have children in different ways

Australia’s fertility rate is falling.

One of the many reasons people choose to have fewer children – or none at all – is concern for climate change.

Experts say fewer babies being born may have a positive impact on the environmentalthough there are negative implications associated with the rapid aging of the population.

While some people are determined to live a child free from reduce their carbon footprintthere are those who say that having children is a declaration of hope.

We spoke to two people whose concerns about the future of the planet influenced their decision whether or not to have children.

Jonathan: free child by choice

While Jonathan (who asked us not to release his surname for privacy reasons) never felt the “strong biological need” to have children, it was environmental concerns that really cemented his decision. to remain childless.

“Environmentally, I am very aware of the devastating trajectory we are already on due to climate change and global warming and even in my late twenties and early thirties I had decided that the most impactful decision I could make about reducing my own carbon footprint was not having children,” the 39-year-old from Brisbane explains.

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