How to Get Stitch in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Point is one of the hardest villagers to find in Disney Valley of Dreamsas it is not part of a realm, or unlocked with a particular biome.

Instead, you’ll have to help Donald Duck by finding the missing items from his house. This is an ongoing quest, however, so you will have to wait a bit to add Stitch to your village.

To help you unlock Stitch as soon as you can, we’ve detailed all of the current steps at how to get point in Disney Valley of Dreamsand will update this page when more are added.

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How to Get Stitch in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Thanks to the brave player u/hga90 on the DisneyDreamlights subreddit by advancing their system clock, we now know how long it takes to get everyone’s favorite whirlwind of mischief.

To get Stitch in Disney Dreamlight Valley you have to:

  • Find the Slimy Bottom on Dazzle Beach, talk to Donald Duck, wait five days.
  • Find the chewed up sock in the peaceful meadow, talk to Goofy and Donald, wait five days.
  • Find the last sock in the Forest of Valor, talk to Merlin.
  • Go find Stitch on his boat!

We strongly advise you to don’t time travel advancing your system clock to get Stitch, as it may mess up your game save when you reset it, such as not generating resources.

Where to find the first slimy bottom to get Stitch in Disney Dreamlight Valley

To start the quest to get Stitch in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you must find the slimy bottom on Dazzle Beach. The Slimy Bottom seems to spawn most often on the small island to the south of the eastern side of the beach, but we know it can spawn behind the Pillar of Power as well.

Go to Dazzle Beach to find the slimy bottom to start the quest to get Stitch.

There may be other places where the bottom spawns, so search all around Dazzle Beach if you can’t find it on the island or behind the Pillar of Power.

Also, keep in mind that you may need to unlock Donald first before this bottom spawns on Dazzle Beach. You can get Donald Duck by unlocking the Forest of Valor and then completing the “A House Fit for a Duck” quest after he is rescued.

The bottom may appear if you haven’t unlocked it, but you won’t be able to progress until you get Donald Duckbecause you have to talk to him in the next part of the quest to get Stitch.

You must unlock Donald Duck to progress in the quest to unlock Stitch.

If the bottom still doesn’t appear for you on Dazzle Beach, complete some of Donald’s personal quests or unlock the Toy Story Kingdom and complete it. Quest “A Secret Mission in Uncharted Space” to invite Buzz from Toy Story to your village.

Once you’ve picked up the slimy bottom, take it to Donald Duck to continue your search for Stitch! Once you help Donald, however, you will have to wait five daysthe chewed sock will appear in another biome.

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Where to find a second chewed up sock to get Stitch in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Five days after completing the “Mystery of the Stolen Socks” quest for Donald Duck, another large piece of laundry will appear in your game.

To continue your quest to get Stitch in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you must go to Peaceful Meadow to find the chewed up sock. Remember that this will only appear five days after completing the first quest associated with finding the socks.

The chewed up sock appeared to us to the right of the east path towards Dazzle Beach, near the pillar. However, he can spawn anywhere in the Peaceful Meadow, so watch out for the sparkles on the ground.

We found the second sock here, but it might be somewhere else for you in Peaceful Meadows.

Once you find the chewed up sock, take it to Goofy and give it to him. Then go to his house and clean up the trash, where you’ll find the blue fur. Bring the blue fur to Donald Duck to complete the second part of this quest to unlock Stitch.

Clean up Goofy’s house, then bring the blue fur to Donald Duck.

After speaking with Donald, you must then wait another five days for the next sock to spawn in the Forest of Valor biome.

We’ll update this page with more quest steps on how to unlock Stitch when they’re added, but for now if you need more help in Disney Dreamlight Valley, we have pages on the kingdom of Toy Story. Quest “A Secret Mission in Uncharted Space”Scar nature and culture quest how to improve your homeand where to find Remy’s cookbooks.

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