I Tried Taylor Swift Treadmill Workout

If there’s one thing you should know about me, it’s that i hate cardio: cycling, HIIT workouts, running – you name it, I hate it. And there’s nothing in the world that can make me do it on purpose… except Taylor Swift Apparently. When I saw the Taylor Swift treadmill workout trending on TikTok, I was like, “That sounds like fun,” and then immediately asked, “Who am I, and since when does cardio look like fun?” But because I’m a Swiftie and I enjoy while walkingI decided to give up my usual bodybuilding exercises to try the Taylor workout for a week. Read on to find out what the workout involves, what happened when I tried it, and if it’s worth trying for yourself.


The workout, created by TikTok star Allie Bennett, Is simple. All you have to do is walk (or strut, according to Allie) to the rhythm of his carefully curated playlists. Each playlist starts with upbeat warm-up songs, then continues with a few faster-paced songs perfect for running or brisk walking, and ends with a slow song or two to cool down. Pro Tip: Make sure the playlist is not shuffled so the songs play in the correct order. Find your beat on the first song and increase your speed by 0.1 MPH with every song change. The result is a half-hour workout with a mix of low-impact and high-impact exercises customizable to your fitness level and musical taste.


In response to @norahhlouise, the treadmill strut that started it all is back and BETTER THAN EVER BABY!! this TSTS has TWO running options (bc we all know too well deserves its own moment 🧣) – let me know if you try this one!! @benntheredonethat #treadmillstrut #Taylor Swift

♬ Taylor Swift 1 Hour Treadmill Workout – Allie Bennett

My experience

I started with Allie Bennett’s original Taylor Swift treadmill workout playlist. At first, I was nervous about strutting around in front of a bunch of strangers at the gym and had trouble finding the right speed for the first few songs (because not only am I a mat lover I don’t have a beat either), but once I heard “Better Than Revenge” I started to pick up my pace. Despite the fact that the songs currently running on this playlist – “Shake it Off” and “…Ready For It?” – are some of my favorite songs, I was still too nervous to try running, so I kept my pace walking. Best part of the workout? Strutting to “Style” for the final song. Talk about the energy of the main character.

Allie recently published a Midnights treadmill leg playlist, so I knew I had to try this one next since I’ve been listening to the album non-stop for two months. I was able to find my rhythm much faster and easier this time around, but I still struggled to stay on the beat as each song slowed down during the bridge. It made me think of Midnights The album may not be the best to strut your stuff on, but I pushed all the way and even tried (emphasis on “tried”) to run to “The Great War”. All TikToks I saw that it looked so fun and easy to run to Taylor Swift songs, but transparently, I only lasted about two minutes before having to resume a brisk walk. I was proud of myself for trying, because I can’t even remember the last time I raced.

I completed things trying Allie’s One Hour Playlist on the Taylor Swift Treadmill. The idea of ​​an hour-long cardio session seemed daunting at first, but after a successful first two days, I was interested to see how this workout would pan out. And it did not disappoint. Before I knew it, I had three songs and was reminiscing about high school while strutting along to “Picture To Burn.” I didn’t watch the tracks in advance, so it was exciting to anticipate the next song, especially when I was surprised by a “Delicate” remix that I had never heard before. This playlist had two different options for the running part: “All Too Well (10 minute version)” or “Haunted”, “Out of the Woods” and “Mr. Perfectly Well.” Because I’m a real Swiftie, I chose to run during “All Too Well,” but did a five-minute version instead because, again, I’m lacking in practice.

The verdict

Although I’m not training for a marathon anytime soon, I can confidently say I’m a cardio convert thanks to Allie Bennett and her Taylor Swift treadmill workout. One of the reasons I’ve avoided the treadmill in the past is that I get bored easily, even though I’m watch a show Where listen to my favorite podcast. After five minutes, I found myself checking the clock to see how much time I had left, but that wasn’t the case with this workout. Focusing on walking to the beat and singing along to some of my favorite songs helped me think about something other than just working out. Not only did it make training more enjoyable, but it also made time feel like it was ticking away.

I also liked the customization of the workout. Since their intention is to walk at pace, there is no pressure to walk at a specific speed as everyone’s pace will vary depending on their height. Likewise, I love that running songs can also be brisk walking songs if you prefer. I can’t wait to try out some of the other treadmill leg playlists (fingers crossed for a Reputation version), and I will definitely incorporate this workout into my gym routine.

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