James Gunn Reacts to the Idea of ​​a Potential Justice League Dark Universe

DC Studios co-boss James Gunn reacts to the idea of ​​a potential Justice League Dark universe based on the DC Universe’s supernatural heroes.

James Gunn reacts to the idea of ​​a possible Justice League Dark existing universe in live-action. The DC Universe (formerly known as DCEU) is entering a new era thanks to Gunn and his partner Peter Safran. After DC Films was the main division of Warner Bros. Discovery for DC-centric movies, it’s being replaced by DC Studios, which officially kicked off on November 1, when Gunn and Safran stepped into their new roles. The duo are currently working out their 10-year plan for the DCU, as they’re in charge of movies, TV shows, animation, and even video games that will tie into the franchise.


Gunn and Safran are reportedly preparing to present their DCU bible at Warner Bros. Discovery CEO David Zaslav shortly as they prepare to steer the DCU in a new direction. However, fans constantly ask the guardians of the galaxy and The Suicide Squad filmmaker on the characters and stories they plan to use in the DCU. But many are also wondering about which DC characters might exist in a standalone sequel, as Gunn and Safran are also working on things that aren’t necessarily DCU related. When a Twitter user asked if he could ever see Justice League Dark characters get their own live-action universe, Gunn gave the following response:

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How JJ Abrams’ Dark Justice League Plans Could Tie Into The DCU

JJ Abrams is developing Justice League Dark film and TV projects

Warner Bros. has been trying for years to bring DC’s iconic supernatural-based team to life on the big screen, as Guillermo del Toro was in the process of developing a Justice League Dark film. However, due to numerous creative differences and delays, del Toro and director Doug Liman, who was attached, later ended up leaving the project. That’s why Warner Bros. ended up starting to redevelop his plans for Justice League Dark, but this time as a shared universe of television and film, with JJ Abrams producing the new franchise. Abrams would not only help create a Justice League Dark To display for HBO Max, but also developing films and series that would help build team drama through its Bad Robot Productions.

However, plans on Abrams Justice League Dark universe hit a snag this fall when HBO Max revealed that the Constantine restart the series and Mrs X were no longer advancing to the streaming service. While both projects are being purchased at other outlets, it’s unclear what’s going on with the Justice League Dark series, as there has been no official announcement about its removal. Since nothing has even started filming, this would be an opportunity for Gunn and DC Studios to try and integrate Abram’s Justice League Dark plans (or even redeveloping them) to integrate it into the DCU rather than existing on its own. Whether or not it means anything to Constantine 2which Abrams interestingly produces via Bad Robot, remains to be seen.

Given that the DCU hasn’t focused much on the magical and supernatural side of the comic book brand, rather than abandoning the Justice League Dark concept that Abrams was working on, this could breathe new life into it. But it may also be a way for its franchise to have even greater longevity by co-existing with the Justice League characters that the DCU has spent years introducing through various films. Since Gunn promised more DCU TV shows are on their way, Constantine restart, the Mrs X show, or other Justice League Dark member-led series, it can also be a way to incorporate crossovers with other established characters from the franchise. Hopefully, as Gunn and Safran finalize their plans for the DCU, Justice League Dark will get a definitive answer on whether or not this will happen.

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