Longtime KISS Manager Says Final Show Of ‘End Of The Road’ Tour Definitely Will Happen In 2023

TO KISSlongtime manager Doc McGhee says that the band’s last concert “End of the Road” The tour will definitely take place this year.

TO KISS launched its farewell hike in January 2019 but was forced to put it on hold in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“End of the Road” was originally scheduled to end on July 17, 2021 in New York City, but has since been extended to the end of 2023. The trek was announced in September 2018 following a TO KISS interpretation of the band’s classic song “Detroit Rock City” to “America has talent”.

Talk to “Rock City Podcast”, Doctor said (as transcribed by BLABBERMOUTH.NET):”[The last show of the ‘End Of The Road’ tour] be finalized in the next few days, and we will make an announcement probably in the next few days.

“One thing about TO KISS, we’ve always been that band that went places most bands didn’t go. So we play in everyone’s town… You name it, we played there. So we always go where the people are anyway. The reason we keep making the latter [run] it’s because obviously the pandemic prevented us from finishing. And the fact that people just wanted to see us. But we had to end it at some point, it will be this year.”

Asked about the possibility of TO KISS continue without co-founders Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons, Doctor said: “There’s a lot of talk about everything. And nobody knows what’s going to happen in the future. So what we kind of put in our minds is to go through this like it’s was the end of TO KISS as we know it. And whatever happens, with technology and everything else, we’ll look into it. Will be Embarrassed and Paul there in makeup. No. I can tell you. They hang up their hats after the [final] show, which is going to be very, very difficult and very moving for them after 50 years of work. And they love it.

“A lot of my bands – most of my bands – [say], ‘I hate that. I don’t want to be there anymore. I don’t want to do this. It’s bullshit. It’s not [Paul and Gene]”, Doctor continued. “They love it. They thrive on it. We’re having a good time on the road, or a really good time on the road. So it’s, like, ‘Why are we ending this?’ And we’re ending this because it’s time to end it. That’s it, 50 years of TO KISS. And let them move on to the next phase of whatever they want to do, be it Embarrassed in business or having a country named after him, the Gene Simmons World; we don’t know, but it works. And Paulhas a family. He has three children – he actually has four children, but he has three children at home.

“For us, we’re just a little bit open,” McGhee Explain. “People throw ideas at us, and then we’ll look at them. But, really, it must be amazing. We don’t fall into the trap, even if some people think we’re a gimmick. But we don’t fall in love with them. We didn’t do any NFTs, we didn’t do any of that, because we didn’t believe in it. We didn’t think people would get anything out of it. And it wasn’t going to last long. .

“I like to think years and years ahead; I don’t like to think about the days ahead. So with that, we’re gonna finish this and see what’s happening in the realm of the metaverse and the world of this type of things that can come back and people can experience things in different ways to TO KISS.

“Tome, TO KISS is more like wonder. There are all sorts of things that can happen with TO KISS, and probably will. So it’s a whole new frontier that starts in 24.”

TO KISSThe current composition of consists of original members Stanley and Simmonsalongside later additions to the band, guitarist Tommy Thayer (since 2002) and drummer Eric Singer (on and off since 1991).

Created in 1973 by Stanley, Simmons, Peter Criss and Ace Frehley, TO KISS staged their first “farewell” tour in 2000, the last to feature the band’s original lineup.

In a recent interview with Yahoo! entertainment music editor Lyndsey Parker, Stanley addressed the fact that the “End of the Road” The tour was originally scheduled to end in July 2021. He said, “This tour, interestingly enough, seems to go on forever. That’s because we lost two years to COVID. People say, ‘Oh my God . This tour… “Well, yeah, two years ago that didn’t count. And it’s a big world. So there were countries that I thought we were done with, and the fans and the promoters wanted us to come back, so we have shows to do.

“The end is in sight – more than some people know”, Stanley confirmed. “But we will have an announcement on that in the not too distant future.”

asked if the TO KISS The farewell tour will end with the band’s performance on July 15 in Norway, which is the last tour date listed on the official website. TO KISS website, Paul said, “It would only make sense for us to play in the United States, and I think it would make sense for us to end where we started”, strongly hinting that the final gig will be in New York .

On whether he thinks it will be emotional for him to play the final TO KISS To display, Paul said: “More than I think. There are going to be tears, that’s for sure.

“You have to remember Embarrassed and I started it together when I was 17 and he was 20, 21. It’s 50 years later. We’ve lived some pretty interesting lives, and we have families and kids and huge sales in terms of albums and concerts. So that’s a big part of who we are; it’s a big part of our lives. So that final show, yeah, it’s momentous. And it’s gonna hit harder than I think. And we know it’s going to hit hard.”

Asked if the last concert of TO KISSit is “End of the Road” the tour will truly mark the last performance of the band or if there is a chance of one-off shows or a residency in Las Vegas in the future, Stanley said, “I really can’t say. But it’s the last of any type of regular show or tour.

“It’s just time,” he explained. “And likewise, it takes time. And physically, it’s exhausting to do what we do. Damn, if I could get onstage in my jeans and a t-shirt, give us another 10 , 15 easily. But what we’re doing is a completely different sport. I mean, we’re athletes; we’re running around on stage with 30, 40, pounds of equipment, and it’s not possible to do that longer. So we’re not like other bands.

“So are we going to do more shows or one-offs? I really have no idea,” Paul admitted. “But it’s a very clear mindset that the days of touring and doing these kinds of shows are over.”

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