“Love Actually” Is Unbalanced – 6 Problematic Things You May Have Overlooked

Few Christmas movies are as universally beloved as “Love Actually.”

Everyone knows someone, if not many, who cite it as their favorite holiday movie, and maybe it’s time to ask why.

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That seems to be the question on many people’s minds after a 2020 Twitter thread breaking down the movie’s weirdest points went viral again.

It resurfaces just in time to underscore what so many of us have already known since the movie was released in 2003.

“Love Actually” is absolutely insane!

Here are all the problematic aspects of “Love Actually” that are often overlooked.

1. Nothing says Christmas like inappropriate working relationships.

Let’s start where a Twitter user, George Fox, with the character played by Hugh Grant.

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Grant plays the British Prime Minister in the film – which is great – even Prime Ministers should be able to celebrate Christmas!

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