MÖTLEY CRÜE will begin rehearsals with JOHN 5 this week

MOTLEY CRUE will begin rehearsals this week for their first shows with a new touring guitarist John 5.

the old ROB ZOMBIE and MARILYN MANSON the ax man joined FLOOD replacing the founding guitarist Mick Mars, who announced last October that he would no longer tour with the legendary rock band due to his long battles with the degenerative disease ankylosing spondylitis. Ankylosing spondylitis is a type of arthritis that causes inflammation of the joints and ligaments in the spine and can lead to stiffness over time, according to the National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases.

Earlier today, MOTLEY CRUE bass player Nikki Sixx taken to his instagram wrote, “42 years old and still excited about the band’s first day of rehearsal. Here we go………..”

John 5 was among the people who commented Nikki‘s post, writing, “I’m more excited can’t wait mate”.

In October, 6x rented John 5saying it “checks all the boxes” like Marchreplacing him following the latter’s decision to withdraw from touring. 6x commented on John 5is added to FLOOD while answering questions from fans about Twitter. Asked why the group chose John 5who is one of the credited co-writers of the three original songs on FLOODit is “Dirtiness” soundtrack, 6x said, “He checks all the boxes. He’s a crazy player. He respects our music, is funny as shit and has a history with us and we’ve written some really big hits together.”

6x also discussed March‘s announced he was stepping down from the tour, saying, “He’s been a soldier with us for 4 decades. We will continue to pass on our legacy to generations of fans and honor Mikeasks us to continue to turn as Motley Crue.”

In addition to having co-written the three songs on “Dirtiness”, John 5 collaborated with 6x and Desmond Child to Meatloafit is “The Monster is Cowardly”. In 2021, 6x and John 5 launched the RATS supergroup in which they were joined by Rob Zombie and drummer Tommy Clufetos.

The 71 year old man March — whose real name is Robert Alan Deal – served as MOTLEY CRUEsince the group was founded in 1981.

In his statement, Mike said he has decided to pull out of gigs due to his “continuing painful struggle” with ankylosing spondylitis and while he will continue to be a member of the band, he cannot “handle the rigors” of life in tour.

Speculation on John 5 to replace March gained strength after a long time ROB ZOMBIE the guitarist did not appear with the shock rocker until last year replica party in Sacramento. Rob was instead joined on stage by returning guitarist Mike Riggs for the first time since 2006.

MOTLEY CRUEit is “The Stadium Tour” with DEF LEPPARD, POISON and JOAN JETT AND THE BLACK HEARTS was originally scheduled to take place in the summer of 2020 but ended up being pushed back to 2021, then 2022, due to the coronavirus pandemic.

After selling more than 1.3 million tickets in 2022, MOTLEY CRUE and DEF LEPPARD and go global in 2023 with their co-title “The World Tour” accompanied by a special guest Alice Cooper. After the launch of the European and Latin American dates, the American dates will take place in August.

Produced by nation live, the U.S. leg of the world tour kicks off August 5 in Syracuse, New York. The bands will perform their electrifying shows across America throughout August, including the first-ever show at HA Chapman Stadium in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

In November, MOTLEY CRUE and DEF LEPPARD announced two shows in the United States for February 2023. The two bands will play the 7,000 capacity Hard Rock Live at Etess Arena in Atlantic City, New Jersey on February 10-11.

Atlantic City shows will score MOTLEY CRUEfirst live appearances in the United States since Mikeretirement announcement.

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