New year, new goals: Reach your fitness goals this year with immersive workouts at FitXR’s new studios

Late last year, FitXR launched new music collections with over two dozen new workout classes in Box, HIIT, and Dance. The company is ready to help users achieve their fitness goals this year as well with new immersive workout classes.

The VR fitness app recently launched two new studios, Sculpt and Combat, offering their users low-impact strength and conditioning workouts for the first time, as well as more options for high-impact workouts. With each of the studios offering distinct workout styles, FitXR users have access to more comprehensive fitness experiences.

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“The introduction of these studios reflects a very early moment for VR fitness, expanding what’s possible to bring to a workout,” FitXR Director of Fitness Kelly Cosentino said in a Press release. “At FitXR, we pride ourselves on demystifying VR fitness and extending its reach to the masses, showing the true impact it can have in helping to improve overall health and wellbeing. We hope that these new studios will encourage more people to move.

Low impact engraving and tone in Sculpt Studio

Sculpt studio brings us the first-ever immersive low-impact strength and conditioning training classes that can be done anywhere, anytime. It offers an exciting new way to build strength without using weights or straining the joints.

FitXR new Sculpt studio - immersive training

For intense, low-impact results, the movements created for this studio mimic those of pilates, barre, and isometric weight training. The exercises are designed to burn, tone and sculpt while improving balance, strength and endurance.

Each part of the routine targets a particular area to tone specific muscle groups for a more sculpted shape. Performed regularly, the immersive workout exercises in Sculpt Studio help strengthen arms and legs, tone muscles, and boost mental stamina. Upbeat music makes workouts more exciting as users pulse and keep up the fast pace.

When it launched, Sculpt Studio began offering eight classes led by FitXR trainers Dillon, Elise, Garret, and Sarah. More supercharged classes will be added regularly to keep users motivated to stay fit.

Powerful results from high-impact VR workouts in Combat Studio

Inspired by martial arts, the new fighting studio puts users in fighting shape. Fierce immersive workouts show us that pretty much anything is possible in VR fitness.

FitXR new Combat studio - immersive training

Although it also includes boxing moves, the exercises in this new studio are more dynamic than Box workouts. They combine iconic moves from different forms of martial arts, including karate, taekwondo, muay thai and Brazilian jiu-jitsu. Users learn how to do elbow strikes, hammer fists, double punches, high blocks, and other techniques. Because the drill drills include different combos that simulate the unpredictability of real combat, users also develop faster reflexes, better coordination, and better concentration.

FitXR coaches Dillon and Billy lead the immersive workout drills in the four new classes. More classes will be released regularly to keep users on their toes and in top fighting shape. To make workouts more exhilarating and challenging, users are immersed in a modern urban virtual environment resonating with daring pop, hip-hop and rock playlists.

Immersive workouts are part of the future of fitness

With the two new launches, Fit XR now has five innovative studios with distinct features: Box, Dance, HIIT, Sculpt and Combat. Offering different workout styles for different fitness levels, they give users a huge range of exercises to choose from and find the ones that fit their lifestyle, interests, and needs.

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Augmented and virtual reality will undoubtedly play a role in the future of fitness. The global success of FitXR shows that people are more than ready to embrace new technologies in their health and fitness regimes. Immersive workouts with personalized routines will make it easier for everyone to stay fit and healthy, no matter their lifestyle.

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