NFL referee Ron Torbert offers explanation for ‘rigged’ AFC Bengals-Chiefs championship game

Before the Cincinnati Bengals vs. Kansas City Chiefs The AFC championship was over, “NFL RIGGED” was trending on Twitter. Several calls from NFL referee Ron Torbert’s team went against the opposing team, and Bengals fans and supporters weren’t happy about it. Two fourth quarter calls, a replayed 3rd down for the Chiefs and an intentional grounding on Joe Terrier particularly upset people. However, after the game, Torbert explained the calls clearly and concisely, although it won’t make the Bengals or their fans feel any better.

NFL referee explains Chiefs’ 3rd down

If you weren’t paying close attention with 10:29 remaining in the fourth quarter of the Bengals-Chiefs AFC Championship Gamewhat happened in the next two plays would be incredibly confusing.

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