Owen Wilson Suffered Major Nose Damage, Here’s What Happened

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Whenever there is a major red carpet event in Hollywood, legions of photographers will take pictures of the stars in attendance from every possible angle. While some stars at these events will wear eye-catching attire, the truth is that when you get a group of stars together, very few of them will stand out visually.

The reason it can be hard for stars to stand out when they get together in a group is simple, most of them look a lot alike. Sure, the stars will look different in some ways, but most of them will have one thing in common: they’re unrealistic and they have near-perfect facial features.


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Since almost all stars are implausibly beautiful, there are a lot of stars who could be twins even though they are not related. On top of that, since most stars feel the pressure to have a perfect face, even an actor as handsome as Tom Cruise reportedly underwent plastic surgery.

For a star to stand out among her peers, all she has to do is embrace her imperfections like Owen Wilson did with his nose. While many fans love that Wilson doesn’t seem embarrassed by his nose, that doesn’t mean they aren’t curious about what made him look that way.

What happened to Owen Wilson’s nose?

When people look back on Owen Wilson’s career decades from now, they’ll probably be very impressed with how much he’s accomplished.

A hugely popular comedian, Wilson has starred in several movies that millions of people have loved and watched multiple times. On top of that, moviegoers will probably remember that Wilson co-wrote some of the movies that made him a star.

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Despite all these accomplishments and the fact that Wilson is now part of the mcuthere’s no denying that two silly things are a big part of his legacy.

The first silly but admittedly very entertaining thing about Wilson that will likely be remembered is his popular catchphrase, “wow.” After all, Wilson says “wow” in such a unique musical way that fans just can’t get enough of saying that word to him.

The other thing many people will remember about Wilson is his distinctive nose. However, even though Wilson’s nose has been a topic of discussion for many years, the fact is that many of his fans don’t know why he looks like that.

Since Wilson has been a movie star for many years, he has been in hundreds if not thousands of interviews over his lifetime. Unsurprisingly, the topic of Wilson’s nose came up in some of those interviews.

Notably, Wilson explained how he got his distinctive nose during a Los Angeles Times interview in 2001.

As Wilson revealed during this interview, as a teenager at St. Mark’s High School in Dallas, Texas, he was in a fight when he injured his nose. However, since then Wilson has described the fight as more akin to a fight with a friend.

As Wilson also revealed during the aforementioned 2001 interview, his nose was bumped again when he was playing football in his youth. These two injuries combined made his nose look like it does now.

Many years later, in 2022, Wilson took part in a wired autocomplete interview in which he once again explained what happened to his nose. Around this time he added a fascinating element to the story, the aforementioned game where he injured his nose again was a flag football game.

Once you know the story of what happened to Wilson’s nose, it’s amazing that he suffered two serious injuries in what seem to be relatively innocent incidents.

What happened to Jennifer Grey’s nose?

Years before people started talking about Owen Wilson’s nose, there was another movie star being talked about because of that part of his body.

In 1996 and 1997, Jennifer Gray starred in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and Dirty Dancing respectively. After these two films became hits that went down in history, many people thought that Grey’s career had a lot of potential.

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After Gray rose to fame, she decided to have a pair of rhinoplasty surgeries. If Gray had had her nose done because she wanted to be more confident, that would have been great.

Unfortunately, Gray revealed that she changed her nose after her mother told her it might make it easier for her to land roles. That said, it’s important to note that Gray described her mother as loving and supportive in her memoir. Gray also clarified that her mother has always liked Jennifer’s appearance, she was just trying to be pragmatic.

After Gray had nose surgery, many fans found her unrecognizable. In fact, even some Grey’s fans didn’t recognize Jennifer when she appeared on the popular sitcom Friends.

Years later, when Gray published her memoir, she wrote about regret his rhinoplasty surgeries. “Overnight, I lose my identity and my face”

Gray also described the time an airport worker who had Jennifer’s paperwork reacted to her name. “‘Oh, Jennifer Grey, like the actress.'” According to Grey, when she told the airport worker she was the star of Dirty Dancing, they refused to believe her. “’I’ve seen ‘Dirty Dancing’ a dozen times. I know Jennifer Grey. And you are not her.

From what happened to Grey, it seems very clear that Owen Wilson was wise to kiss his nose.

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