Radcon Foundation Launches World’s First Decentralized AI Platform and Marketplace

Radcon Foundation is a registered blockchain-based company and the world’s first decentralized AI platform and marketplace.

Radcon builds an AI infrastructure where government authorities, the military, megacorporations, and small and medium enterprises can access a global network of AI algorithms and services.

Radcon is an open, decentralized network of artificial intelligence services made accessible via blockchain using Radcon tokens. AI developers publish their services on the Radcon network, where they can be purchased using RDN tokens.

The Radcon Foundation is ready to install a high-performance computing (HPC) infrastructure in Europe, which will allow European companies to obtain their supercomputing power within the EU. The installation will have better efficiency and lower costs than the majority of installations in the United States. Having our headquarters in Europe gives us the advantage of low cost electricity and fast internet access.

A self-service portal in our data center will allow customers to select the resources and add-ons they need for their services. Our data center software and hardware will facilitate this self-service portal with our platform. We will be able to handle complex and computationally intensive data analysis tasks. Radcon will deliver complex, compute-intensive data analysis tasks through its platform, including:

Autonomous vehicles

The ability to recognize faces and voices

Hospitals and medical institutions

Medical services

Hiring and Staffing

Automation of the sales process and lead generation.

Virtual Assistants

Using smart cities to reduce traffic congestion

Border control and the creation of secure societies

Automation of greenhouses in agriculture

As part of our mission to improve efficiency and reduce energy consumption in our ISO 14001:2015 data centers, our research and development (R&D) team is constantly working to improve the data center efficiency and energy consumption.

Radcon Foundation in election campaign

The Radcon Foundation and the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission work closely together on how political campaigns are conducted and change the very nature of democracy. Data and artificial intelligence are revolutionizing the way we do politics. AI and machine learning can be used to engage voters in election campaigns and help them be better informed about important political issues unfolding in the country.

Staking and anti-whale tax

Staking is a central part of the Radcon network. Users secure their investments within our protocol by staking their RDN, which helps maintain the long-term price stability of the RDN. Those who own the RDN tokens receive a prorated portion of our daily rebases in exchange for their financial support of the Radcon network, as well as governance rights over the development of the protocol.

We have implemented a large tax within our ecosystem.

Our primary goal in developing the protocol was to generate a constant, fixed return that would never increase or decrease regardless of the state of the market. With that in mind, we want to stop any large orders from selling whales, and by increasing the sales tax, we’ll be able to do both of these things while incentivizing users to keep their RDN staked and earn 130% annually.

Radcon Foundation Referral Bonus

With Radcon you can already win right from the start. Tell your family, friends and acquaintances Radcon and its benefits, and earn real rewards:

FIRST Autostaking Platform Guaranteed 130% APY

Each referral earns a huge 20% total paid in RDN tokens, shared equally between the two parts (10% each). So whether you are an influencer or a crypto enthusiast, everyone can earn immediately with the Radcon referral program.

For more information, please www.radcon.io

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