Southern Charm star judge Kathryn Dennis hands down landmark ruling in third eviction case this year over new luxury apartment

KATHRYN Judge Dennis has handed down a landmark ruling in the Southern Charm star’s third eviction case this year over her new luxury apartment.

Katherine31 years old, was served with notice of cancellation rule for “non-payment of rent” on November 17, 2022 by his new complex, East Bay Apartments.

A judge has ruled in Kathryn Dennis' eviction case


A judge has ruled in Kathryn Dennis’ eviction case
The war of the courts has been rejected


The war of the courts has been rejected

The American Sun can exclusively reveal a Caroline from the south The judge dismissed the case without prejudice, meaning the apartment complex can sue the reality TV star again.

The clerk of to research was unable to confirm whether Kathryn had paid the alleged unpaid rent.

Apartments in his complex range from $1,640 per month for a studio and one bathroom to $2,725 for a two-bedroom, two-bathroom apartment.

A townhouse with three bedrooms and three bathrooms can cost up to $6,500 per month.

A description on the website reads: “Nestled in a garden in the heart of Charleston, you will find an intimate enclave full of modern luxuries and conveniences. With touches of history infused with modern details, this is truly where timeless and modern collide.

Facilities include a rooftop terrace, fitness center, garage and more.


Kathryn has been hit with two evacuation rule notices this year for her WestEdge apartment she once shared with ex-boyfriend Chleb Ravenell.

A Charleston County clerk previously told The US Sun Mt Pleasant Investments LLC, which owns its former resort, filed a Notice of Cancellation Rule on March 16 after missing its February and March payments of this year by 4 $626 each, totaling $9,252.

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It was later settled, but a second rule voiding the notice was filed on May 17.

The case was settled on June 2.


The Southern charm star has been in a years-long custody battle with ex-boyfriend Thomas Ravenel over the course of their two children Kensie, eight, and Saint, six.

She also faced financial problems, as Kathryn’s former lawyers, Susan Rawls Strom and Pete Currence, abruptly resigned from his custody case after she also failed to pay them.

A lawsuit filed in the South Carolina court and obtained by read that Kathryn “can no longer communicate and cannot agree on matters material to the case, and the attorney-client relationship is damaged beyond repair”.

A source also told the outlet that the reality star “doesn’t pay regularly or in a timely manner for her services.”


The American sun broke exclusive Thomas60, got full custody of the children in February 2021 after accusing Katherine drug addiction and being an unfit mother.

As The US Sun previously reported, Thomas requested sole custody of the children and asked Kathryn to supervise visitation on October 23, 2020.

According to South Carolina court records, Thomas claimed a mutual friend told him about a recent trip he took to North Carolina with Katherine, BreadKensie, Saint and others.

Thomas claimed the friend said: “He informed me that he had witnessed a lot of cocaine use on this trip and that Kathryn had left some cocaine within reach of the children, which he thought to be dangerous.”

Kathryn alleged in her response to the court: “I don’t use cocaine, so naturally I haven’t left any out for our children to access.”

Thomas went on to say that Kathryn failed to get the kids to school on time.

Kathryn admitted in her file that her daughter had been late to school four times this year and that three of those latenesses occurred during her visiting period.

He said the the children come to him from their mother’s house supposedly “dirty and unkempt”, according to court documents.

He claimed: ‘When the children are picked up after their week with Kathryn, they are dirty, their hair is matted, they smell bad and they are abnormally tired and irritable.

“During the summer, they were regularly sent away without shoes. Saint regularly returns with clothes so small on him that they leave marks on his skin.

Katherine responded to the complaint: ” It’s wrong. My children are always well dressed and clean when in my care and I often get compliments on how cute they look.

Thomas went on to claim that he hired a man to watch her, as he witnessed the Southern charm star leaving children alone at home unsupervised “on several occasions”, noting once in July at 1:48 a.m., in August at 3:17 a.m. and others, according to court documents.

Thomas wrote in court documents from an alleged instance: ‘During the time Kathryn was away, Kensie and Saint are seen alone outside the house. IT’S TERRIFYING.”

Katherine responded in his court filing that it is “false” that she left the children alone at home.

He also has claimed she was “broken”, because she only had $11 in her bank account.

Thomas said he found a private school in Aiken, South Carolina, ready to accept the two students starting in the 2021-2022 school year.

Thomas was eventually granted full custody, as Kathryn oversaw visitation every other weekend.


The former Bravo star moved the children out of Charleston and to an estate in Aiken, South Carolina.

Thomas bought the magnificent mansion for $1,800,000 in May 2020.

The US Sun reported on it was a “definite improvement” since the children have been with Thomas full time.

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A source previously told The US Sun: “In Kensie’s last report card, her teacher wrote that ‘Kensie is starting to SOAR academically. Her reading takes off and she rarely needs help with math.'”

As for Saintthe insider said, “The school administrator remarked on the recent marked improvement in Saint’s behavior.”

This is the third time this year that Kathryn has been threatened with eviction


This is the third time this year that Kathryn has been threatened with eviction
Kathryn lost custody of her two children with Thomas Ravenel


Kathryn lost custody of her two children with Thomas RavenelCredit: Instagram

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