Biden administration moves one step closer to advancing controversial Alaska oil drilling project

CNN — The Home Office’s Land Management Bureau advanced on Wednesday them controversial Willow oil drilling project on the Alaska North Slope, issuing the final environmental impact statement before the project can be approved. The Willow Drilling Plan proposed by ConocoPhillips is a massive, decades-long project that the state’s bipartisan congressional delegation says will create … Read more

Boeing bids farewell to ‘Queen of the Skies’ with final 747 delivery

CNN — More than half a century after the original jumbo jet ushered in a glamorous new era of jet aircraft, helping to bring affordable air travel to millions of passengers, the very last Boeing 747 was due for delivery on Tuesday, marking the start of the final chapter for the beloved aircraft. At a … Read more

Mustang Mach-E: Ford lowers the price of its competitor Tesla

CNN — Ford increases production of its popular Mustang Mach-E electric SUV and lowers its sticker price weeks later Tesla lowers vehicle prices. This decision represents a substantial setback in price increases Ford announced last summer on 2023 models – but buyers can still pay a bit more than before the increases. The Mustang Mach-E, … Read more

Paul Pelosi striker peddles conspiracy theories in call to TV station after video emerged

CNN — The man who attacked Nancy Pelosi’s husband at their home last year showed no remorse and continued his dangerous fixation on the former Speaker of the House in a bizarre phone call to a San reporter. Francisco on Friday, according to the Bay Area. station report. David DePape called KTVU’s Amber Lee from … Read more

Pakistani rupee falls as markets adjust to removal of unofficial controls

The Pakistani rupee fell 9.6% against the dollar on Thursday, central bank data showed – the biggest one-day drop in more than two decades – in a slump that could persuade the International Monetary Fund to resume its operations. loans to the country. The drop comes a day after currency exchange firms scrapped the exchange … Read more

Exclusive: Goldman Sachs: Even a Near Default on US Debt Could Trigger Recession and Market Mayhem

New York CNN — A full-fledged debt ceiling crisis has the potential to stop the US economy in its tracks, according to Goldman Sachs’ top economist. “If there was any doubt about the ability of the U.S. government or will pay interest and principal on time, that could have very, very adverse consequences,” Jan Hatzius, … Read more

Ticketmaster Gets Grilled: 6 Takeaways From Taylor Swift’s Concert Fiasco Audition

CNN — Legislators gate a senior executive at Ticketmaster’s parent company, Live Nation Entertainment, on Tuesday after the service’s inability to process orders for Taylor Swift’s upcoming tour prevented millions from buying tickets at the end of the last year. During the three-hour hearing, senators asked Live Nation president and chief financial officer Joe Berchtold … Read more

DOJ sues Google for its dominance in the online advertising market

CNN — The Justice Department and eight states sued Google on Tuesday, accusing the company of harming competition with its dominance in the online advertising market and calling for its dissolution. The decision marks the Biden administration’s first successful antitrust case against a Big Tech company. The eight states joining the lawsuit are California, Colorado, … Read more

Recently Identified Inflammatory Disease VEXAS Syndrome May Be More Common Than Predicted, Study Finds

CNN — David Adams spent half a decade battling an illness he couldn’t name. He came and went to the hospital several times a year. His inflamed joints felt like he had been squeezed into gloves – and he could no longer play his beloved classical and jazz guitars. He had constant fevers and fatigue. … Read more

Live Nation executive to clash with lawmakers over Taylor Swift concert ticket fiasco

New York CNN — Legislators are ready to grill the top leaders of the event ticketing industry on Tuesday after Ticketmaster’s inability to process orders for Taylor Swift’s upcoming tour left millions of fans unable to buy tickets or without their ticket even after purchase. Joe Berchtold, president and chief financial officer of Ticketmaster’s parent … Read more