80% of workers who quit in ‘big quit’ regret it: new survey

‘Big regret’ is the latest workplace trend to sweep the country, with the majority of professionals who left their jobs in the last year wishing they could change their lives, according to a new survey. 2022 was another banner year for quitting smoking – 4.1 million workers left their jobs in December, bringing the grand … Read more

How to Stop Letting Your Finances Affect Your Mental Health

Hand choosing happy smiley face green paper cut, product, user, service feedback rating and customer … [+] review, experience, satisfaction survey, psychological mental health test concept Getty Have you ever felt depressed or anxious because of your financial situation? If you answered “yes”, you are not alone. In fact, a recent MetLife study found that … Read more

9 tips for online mental health therapy

Even when we try new methodologies, we often don’t do so effectively, because we cling to the same approaches that worked in previous situations. Scientists call this behavior functional fixity. It’s a bit like the saying about hammer-nail syndrome: “When you have a hammer, everything looks like a nail”. These two mental blind spotsstatus quo … Read more

Anxiety can cause numbness or a tingling sensation! Read 3 reasons why

If you have ever had tingling or numbness in your body and also tend to be anxious in general, you should know that they are related. Generally, when we discuss the signs and symptoms of anxiety, we mean the mental state in which a person may experience feelings of fear, worry, worry, unease, or panic. … Read more

Mental Health Startup Resilience Lab therapists vote to unionize

The Resilience Lab co-founders, Marc Goldberg and Christine Carville. Resilience Lab Jtherapists in a mental health start-up On Wednesday, Resilience Lab voted to unionize, one of the first successful organizing efforts at a digital health company. The move comes after growing concerns among employees after the company laid off 12 therapists, changed how others were … Read more

Lawmakers introduce new idea to help address state’s mental health issues

Montpellier state lawmakers are considering joining an interstate pact to address the state’s mental health challenges. Lawmakers believe that by joining the 17 other states already involved, Vermonters could have much greater access to mental health services. “Previously, without a pact, I had to sever my relationship with my supplier and find a new person … Read more

More pay, more mental health services top list for NC education group

RALEIGH, North Carolina — Student and teacher well-being was the dominant topic at the North Carolina Public Schools Forum’s annual Eggs & Issues breakfast on Tuesday morning. The topics fueled the conversation around priorities that the Forum and many educators and advocates across the state will be pushing for in the coming year, including during … Read more

An MIT Neuroscientist Shares 4 Things She Never Does to Avoid ‘Brain Fog and Forgetting’

The alarm goes off. You get dressed, have your coffee and go to work. But at lunchtime, you start to feel disorganized. You re-read emails because you miss him focus and mental clarity. There is nothing worse than brain fog. Besides the stress and lack of sleep, it can be caused by the immune system … Read more

Children’s mental health tops list of parents’ worries, survey finds

CNN — Forty percent of American parents are “extremely” or “very” worried that their children will struggle with anxiety or depression at some point, according to a new survey. The Pew Research Center report said mental health was the biggest concern for parents, followed by bullying, which worried 35% of parents. These concerns outweighed fears … Read more