Overwatch Credits Are Back… With a Catch

Picture: Snow storm It seems polarizing sequels returning to features from their previous games are in vogue. After Call of Duty Warzone 2.0 promised a few tweaks to make the game feel more like the first, Monitor 2 now joins the fun in reversing changes that have made fans deeply unhappy. Player frustration with the … Read more

FFXIV Team Caught Cheating In Tough New Raid

Picture: Square Enix / Kotaku / PngAAA / Leon Bennett (Getty Images) A Final Fantasy XIV The raid team had their world record revoked after they were caught using tools that developer Square Enix considers a form of cheating. Unnamed_ , a FFXIV raid team, became the first in the world to erase The Omega … Read more

You can’t play one of the best Dead Space games in 2023

dead space mobiles (2011) Screenshot: EA/Kotaku The recently released dead space remake is a triumph among video game remakes, many of which have not been well received by fans in recent years. And like a massive dead space fan, I’m so happy to see EA spending money on the franchise again, with great results. But … Read more

Dead Space Remake Exploit gets you infinite money and ammo

Screenshot: Motive Studio / Kotaku Motive Studio dead space remake is a slow and bloody race to victory, which could be made easier by a spotted exploit by a Reddit user earlier this week. The exploit allows players to whip out endless pulse rifle ammo to trade for cash, a process one Reddit commenter remembers … Read more

You can still play Hi-Fi Rush if you suck at rhythm games

Picture: tango games Do you have two left feet? Are you the family member no one wants to see on the dance floor at a wedding? Did you or someone close to you suffer a serious injury because you were trying to find the rhythm? If any of the above describes you, you might be … Read more

Best horror 15 years ago

Excited, I wait for my PlayStation 5 to turn on so I can go somewhere I’ve never seen before, USG Ishimura, splattered with fresh blood by Motive Studio for his dead space remake, released on January 27. The mining ship has always been the gray spinal cord of happy trigger horror dead spaceoriginally released in … Read more

The Last of America’s TV Show Creators Explains the Huge Change From Gaming

Picture: HBO While The last of us TV show remained very faithful to the PlayStation, it is sometimes deviated significantly. Episode three, which aired last night, featured the biggest change from the source material yet, and co-creators Neil Druckmann and Craig Mazin did their best to explain why in a new interview with IGN. Spoiler … Read more

Thank you, Hi-Fi Rush, for sparing us from video game marketing

Screenshot: Hi-Fi Rush Hi-Fi Rusha game built around the concept of pure joy, was notable last week for two things. One, it’s really very good! And second, he pulled off the rarest of video game feats: a successful surprise release. By surprise, I mean absolute surprise. One minute nobody even knew the game existed, the … Read more

Phil Spencer defends Halo’s future amid cuts and criticism

Picture: 343 Industries/Microsoft Things haven’t been going well for Xbox lately. Microsoft faces strong resistance in its bid to acquire Activision Blizzard. He hardly released any big exclusive blockbusters last year. And he just cut over 10,000 jobs last week, including many senior developers at Infinite Halo Studio 343 Industries. Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer … Read more

GoldenEye 007 is finally on Xbox and Switch, but it needs some work

Picture: Rare / Kotaku After years and years of rumors, whispers, fan outcry and endless Internet theories, Rare’s beloved first-person shooter for Nintendo 64, GoldenEye 007, is finally available on modern consoles. And while for many that’s something to celebrate, these new ports aren’t as good as they could have been. First, the good news: … Read more