Outdoor recreation like hiking, biking can impact wildlife

According to the researchers, outdoor recreation can change the behavior of animals and displace them from their crucial habitats. This endangers the safety of Washington wildlife, such as the mountain lion. National Park Service Photo In western Washington, it looks like a backcountry trail or mountain range can be seen in almost any direction. With … Read more

Biologists and wildlife advocates cite science to craft griz plan

Laura Lundquist (Missoula Current) More than two dozen organizations and scientists have submitted critiques of Montana’s proposed grizzly bear management plan, alluding to barriers that could impede radiation. With three days to go until the comment period closes on the Gianforte administration’s proposed state grizzly bear management plan, 27 organizations and scientists jointly submitted 67 … Read more

Government departments disagree over protecting Yabba State Forest near the Sunshine Coast from logging

Two Queensland government departments are at odds over whether a state forest that is home to a variety of native wildlife – including some endangered species – should be protected or continue to be selectively logged. Key points: The Queensland Department of Environment has listed Yabba State Forest as a priority for protection But the … Read more

Canada’s Financial Intelligence Unit steps up fight against illegal wildlife trade – National

Canada’s Financial Intelligence Agency steps up the fight against wildlife trade by targeting the criminals who make big profits from global racketeering. The Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Center of Canada, known as the fintracencourages banks and other businesses to be on the lookout for telltale signs that business transactions may involve the illegal trafficking … Read more

Parliament approves Wildlife Protection Bill (Amendment) Bill

Parliament passed the Wildlife (Protection) Amendment Bill on Thursday which seeks better management of protected areas and also provides for certain permitted activities such as grazing or movement of livestock and bona fide use of wildlife. drinking and domestic water by local communities. The bill was passed in Rajya Sabha by a voice vote. Lok … Read more

What to know about the 101 Freeway Wildlife Crossing near LA – NBC Los Angeles

Construction of a wildlife crossing designed to preserve southern California’s cougars and other animals is underway on the 101 freeway northwest of Los Angeles. The Wallis Annenberg Wildlife Crossing project began on Earth Day, April 22, with a groundbreaking ceremony putting it on track for completion in 2025. Watch live: Wildlife crossing construction cameras The … Read more

Five luxury lodges for wildlife lovers

All extant giraffes were once considered a single species, although recent research indicates that … [+] there can be eight different species. Chemistry-chemistry safaris As the travel industry moves towards pre-pandemic strength, there’s no better time than the present to plan the ultimate bucket-list getaway — and for serious animal enthusiasts, there’s has a treasure … Read more