The 3 signs of the zodiac with raw horoscopes on December 11, 2022

With the Moon in Leo, we can automatically expect egos to burst on this day, December 11, 2022. But wait! There is more.

Today also brings us the Moon opposite Pluto so we can take those gigantic, blazing egos and know that they will be explicitly used to denounce people.

And, as we all know, egos are like balloons; the bigger they get, the easier it is for them to burst. And “shattered egos” are what we’ll see a lot that day.

It feels dangerous, like maybe we need to get out of some people’s way. Or, we are the ones others should be afraid of.

It is more likely that we are the egomaniacs who can’t handle a joke today or that we’re the ones who won’t stray.

Well, depending on which zodiac sign we are, we’re the ones causing all the mess. fragile egos are on parade, ready to challenge the whole world to a duel.

The more seriously we take all of this, the more difficult our day will be. If we feel we have to defend ourselves, we will end up very tired at the end of the day.

It’s the kind of day where we find a problem with just about everything we lay eyes on. We are the problem today, the signs of the zodiac.

We are what gets in our way and are the force behind our bad days. It’s all ego, and if we can tone it down a notch or two, we may not have as bad a day as the Moon opposite Pluto suggests.

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