The 3 Zodiac Signs Who Want To Break Up During Moon Opposite Pluto On December 11, 2022

And so, we have come to the point where we are no longer willing to try; It’s December 11, and when it comes to our relationships, maybe it’s time to think differently.

We’ve been clinging to this person for a long time now, thinking we could push our way into their heart, and yet things aren’t looking good and we’ve started to lose interest.

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This is where it all falls apart. On this day, during the Moon opposite Pluto, three zodiac signs will know deep in our hearts that it’s time to part ways. Sad but authentic and oddly liberating if you let yourself see behind the scenes.

Just thinking about the Moon opposite Pluto is enough to give chills.

It is not the astrological transit that we associate with good times and easy romance; it’s the contrary.

During the Moon opposite Pluto, we are very attached to ending the things we no longer like, and our “romance” is at the top of the list. As it is said in Buddhism: everything is impermanent.

Attachment is pain, so detachment MUST be a better choice for today.

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