‘Tough’ Bulldog Letting Cat Steal Internet Food In Hysteria

Images of a bulldog being frightened by its owner’s cat have been viewed more than 3 million times on TikTok.

In a video Shared by user beastie25 (@bellieofthebeast), BGP the bulldog can be seen attacking a stuffed pig. However, when faced with Alex the tabby in the next clip, he cowers.

“My dog ​​acts hard against his plush VS when the orange [cat] come get your food,” wrote the poster alongside the footage, which has received more than 565,000 likes since it was shared on Dec. 12.

Cat growling at a bulldog
On the left is a stock photo of a sad bulldog. On the right, a file photo of a ginger tabby cat, growling. A TikTok video showed Alex the cat definitely being the boss of beastie25’s house, bullying three bulldogs.
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Is it common for dogs to be afraid of cats?

Leigh Siegfried, CEO and founder of Philadelphia-based training school Opportunity Barks, said Newsweek that Alex the cat is definitely the boss of beastie25’s house.

“When the cat pushes to hold space, then bristles, and the hair stands up and the ear comes back, it absolutely communicates ‘yo move,'” she said.

“The bulldog gives in and pulls away, lowering his gaze to the side, as if to say ‘oh shit.'”

Essentially, Alex is signaling that he’s in charge and creating distance, to encourage BGP to leave his “space”.

Is it common for dogs to be afraid of cats? According to Siegfried, any animal with a presence can instill fear in a dog, regardless of size.

If your cat has lived with lots of dogs before, they are also less likely to be afraid of dogs and take control of situations, while “broken dogs” – dogs that have lived with cats before – are more likely to give in.

However, owners should always keep an eye out for interspecies body language between their pets if they want to avoid fights.

“Cats don’t like dogs to growl,” Siegfried said. “It can escalate into flashing cat’s teeth, which is a warning.”

If you have a super-sensitive dog and a super-confident cat, there are things you can do to “negotiate.”

“You may need to go into the chat space and ‘mediate’,” Siegfried said.

“If this happens all the time, you need to ask the cat to move away, so the dog doesn’t get bullied into a corner.”

If you plan to present a dog and a cat for the first time, there are seven mistakes to avoidaccording to animal behavior experts.

“Orange Cats Are Straight Gangsta”

The sequence begins with BGP attacking a stuffed version of Pumbaa, the warthog from The Lion King.

However, BGP doesn’t seem so difficult in the following clip, where the bulldog can be seen cowering in front of his feline sibling, a giant tabby cat named Alex.

A grumpy-looking Alex waddles into the video, and BGP immediately jumps back, looking away and giving in.

In other videos, beastie25 refers to Alex as his “fat boy” and told him for bullying BGP and his two other bulldog siblings, Beast and Panchita. Sadly, Alex passed away in March at the age of 15.

TikTok users found the clip of BGP and Alex hilarious, with user elpsycongroo commenting, “it’s still the orange cat”.

“He knows who’s boss,” Cynthia R posted, while @thatsnotaglowup wrote, “Cat looks like he can take it, [not going to lie].”

“Garfield don’t play,” joked Eddie Lopez, while Arya Nugraha commented, “Orange cats are straight gangstas.”

Newsweek contacted beastie25 for comment.

Although known as rivals, cats and dogs can become best friends. A grieving dog sitting next to his cat friend’s bed after his death broke hearts on Redditwhile in October a clip of a puppy waiting to play with neighbor’s cat received over 540,000 likes on TikTok.

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